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All 8 CDL Practice Tests
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General Knowledge Test
(191 Questions and Answers)

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Air Brakes Test
(110 Questions and Answers)

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Combination Vehicles Test
(108 Questions and Answers)

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Doubles and Triples Test
(91 Questions and Answers)

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Hazardous Materials Test
(110 Questions and Answers)

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Transporting Passengers Test
(83 Questions and Answers)

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School Bus Test
(45 Questions and Answers)

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Tanker Vehicles Test
(70 Questions and Answers)

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With the CDL Study Guide you will receive all 8 CDL Practice Tests: General Knowledge, Air Brakes, Combination Vehicles, Doubles and Triples, Tank Vehicles, Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT), School Bus and Transporting Passengers all for one low price !

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Here's a few, of many, student's unsolicited comments about our exclusive online CDL practice tests: Student Comments:

Recently I enrolled in Truck Driver's School and needed my CDL permit. I Obtained a CDL Manual from the Department of Motor Vehicles. I read the Manual and had no clue what I had read. There is just too much information to remember everything in the CDL manual from the DMV.

As luck would have it, I ran across the web site. One week later I passed my CDL exam with Hazmat endorsement with a 97% test score. Out of 130 questions on my CDL test, 126 where in the CDL Practice Tests. I could not have passed the Hazmat endorsement without the help of and I got my Class A CDL a lot faster than I thought possible.

If you're having trouble understanding the CDL Manual or problems reading and retaining information this CDL Practice Test is for you.

Tom Jenkins, NC

Hello, I just finished taking my Ohio CDL test and passed the general knowledge, air brakes, combination vehicles, tankers, and HAZMAT. I only got your course three days ago and there is no question that it did more for me in 24 hours than a week of studying the guidebook. I breezed through the test and felt great when I saw that I had passed all the CDL tests with room to spare. Nobody should even think about trying the CDL test without using your course. I can't thank you enough. This course is a great value for less than the price of a tank of gasoline. Thanks again.

Doug, Ohio

Hello, Just wanted to let you know that I passed the CDL test today. Your cdl practice test was a tremendous asset in helping me reach my goal. I will be recommending your product to others. I am going to attempt the skill tests later this month. I will let you know how it goes. Keep up the good work.

Barbara Johanson, Louisville, KY

I just wanted to pass along my thanks to you. Your materials are simply the best! I passed the CDL test last Monday. With all of the possible questions and areas the CDL Test covers, I was overwhelmed. Your cdl-practice-test helped me to bring everything together and narrow my scope of study to a manageable size. Thanks again, I could not have done it without you!

Barry G., TN

I recently found your CDL practice test online. I am totally impressed with it. I studied the CDL Study Guide and the CDL Test Answers then went to take the test and ended up passing the first time. I was worried about passing at first but your CDL practice test made the CDL General Knowledge test seem easy. Thanks!

Bob C., AR

I thought I was prepared for the CDL test and I found your website at the last minute before the exam. When I started reviewing the practice questions, I had a sense of impending doom... I think I may have answered 7 questions correctly on your CDL practice test when I took it the first time. I reviewed your CDL Study Guide materials for a couple of weeks and then sat for the exam. I passed!! I cannot believe how similar your practice questions are to the real CDL test questions. Thanks a bunch!

Peter Meijer, IN

Hello I am writing to say a big thank you for your excellent CDL practice test. By studying the CDL manual and working through your CDL practice exams, I was able to pass the CDL test on my first attempt!! By going through the practice exams, this made me focus on my weak areas. Your CDL Practice Tests were a major factor in my passing this tough exam. Thanks again!! P.S. Without your excellent exam materials, there is no way I would have passed the CDL Test!!

Stephen Rice, IA

I had decided to go to a CDL school in Ohio and knew I needed to get a temp packet from the DMV. So the night before I sat and did the test about 6 times and when I went to get the temp packet I figured I would take the test just to see how bad it really is (figuring I would Fail for sure). Huge surprise. The test is almost Identical to yours. I passed the first time with minimal study. After passing the general knowledge portion he (testing officer) asked if I wanted to take any others. So I took the Air Brake test figuring it would be even harder. Yet again, JUST LIKE YOUR TEST. I passed it first try. I am so impressed with this that Im starting to doubt the school is really all that important. Thanks again this is great.

Larry Maple, OH

Folks - First of all,thanks for a job well done. I passed the CDL Endorsement test on the first try with an 89% average score on all 6 of them. That is perhaps the closest cdl practice test to the real cdl test I have EVER came across. Anyway, thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

Don T., MD

I was excited when I found your CDL practice test and believe me, I would not have passed without your help. I highly recommend your website to anyone wishing to pass the cdl exam with confidence. Your methods are proven, efficient and allowed me to learn my weaknesses before taking the real CDL exam. Thank you.

Charles Thompson, TX

Well, you were right. The CDL test was tough! Hundreds of questions in 2 hours with a high percentage to pass, but... I passed!!! I do not know how I would have gotten several questions right had it not been for the CDL practice test. Your materials are essential and helped a great deal!

Jeremy A. Green, FL